My Art History

My Art History: Art School First Year

I’m sharing some artwork from my school and college years. See all the posts here.

(I had to take a week off after all, to try and split up the art school stuff. We should be done here in about 5 more posts.)

Art School Painting

First year we mostly rotated through all the departments so that we could try a bit of everything and decide which subject to specialise in for the next three years. I think this painting is the one that made my tutor say that my sense of colour is insane but somehow I make it work – one of my favourite grudging compliments ever.

Art School Drawing

Sketching in the cemetery in the first couple of weeks.

Art School Printmaking

And the lino cut it inspired. I don’t know why they encouraged me to specialise in printmaking as all my first year prints are very boring.


This is a lino cut too with monoprinting on top.

Art School Illustration

This must have been illustration. I had been to Avebury and Stonehenge not long before so I guess that was the inspiration.

Art School Illustration

The final piece. It’s weird looking back through all the early stuff where we were still encouraged to just mess around with ideas and styles and techniques. Once you move into a department and get set in your own style it’s quite hard to go back.


And photography. This was voted best photo in class.

I’m missing a bunch of other stuff that I remember, including our class trip to Amsterdam, which was notable mainly for being -14°C so we didn’t do quite as much outdoor sketching as we intended. I don’t have anything from sculpture either, because it was all so huge.

Next time: Textiles and design.

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