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My Art History: Collages

I’m sharing some artwork from my younger years. See all the posts here.


After art school I spent most of my creative time making zines and taking photographs, while my day job was learning how to use computers at a ridiculous government scheme where we had to pretend we worked in a real office. I also made collages, mostly involving cut up magazines and tracing paper. It still had a lot in common with my printmaking, but using paper rather than layers of ink.

Just Seventeen

I think this is still my favourite one. These were much smaller than my art school work, usually only about postcard sized.


Possibly the beginnings of my interest in Japan. I loved how the blocks of text looked in this random Japanese music magazine I had.

Fiction #4

And a much bigger piece, and the last one I made. The bottom right part is a pencil redrawing of my first attempts to draw in MS Paint with a mouse. I later used it in for artwork in my Asking For Trouble double 7″ box set.


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