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5 A Day All Over Print T-Shirt

You might remember I bought one of the new all over print tees from Society6. Well, it finally arrived so let’s have a look. I chose my 5 A Day pattern in the end and  I definitely made the right choice there – it’s so cute!

5 a day t-shirt

I’m really happy with how it all looks with the characters being pretty much the perfect size. The t-shirts are printed flat so the design doesn’t quite get in all the corners. It’s only around the shoulder seam and underarms so it’s barely noticeable even up close.

5 A Day all over print tee from Society6

However, there was one disaster. They must have shown me the wrong size chart or something because even though it suggests women should order a size or two smaller, I measured myself very carefully and went for a size bigger and it’s about 3 sizes too big for me! Total sadface. No problem though, as I put it up for sale on Etsy and some kind person bought it so now I can buy a new one in the correct size.

5 A Day all over print tee from Society6

Look at all that detail! Usually printing on fabric is a little blurry, but this is so perfect and the colours are pretty accurate too. I definitely recommend these t-shirts (as long as you triple check your size!) and I have lots to choose from in my Society6 store.

society6 5 a day t-shirt

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