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18 Months


I finally got a nameplate made for my door and then realised it’s my 18 month anniversary of moving to Helensburgh today so happy anniversary, flat! I just had it cut along with my usual laser cutting and it turned out pretty cool. My flat number is on the (hideously orange) dark wood door frame so I thought cut out letters would stand out nicely.

Laser cut nameplate

I did consider adding something cute or getting it cut in a fun colour but I already have enough trouble with tradesmen patronising me and a very cute doormat, so I kept it simple.


Anyway, 18 months! It kind of feels like I always lived here and I definitely have zero plans to move any time soon. I love having everything in walking distance and how the seafront view changes every day. I’m glad I started taking photos every time it looks remotely interesting and isn’t pouring or blowing a gale. These are just a few favourites from the last 6 months but you can follow me on Instagram for lots more.

Today's view: swans. It doesn't look it, but it's really hot today.

This is probably my favourite recent one – so calm. The other accidental anniversary gift for my flat was finally getting the studio repainted after the water damage so I will post a little studio tour soon.

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