Price Freeze Ending Soon!


I’ve now done all my sums and will be increasing some of my product prices next week. Here’s a few suggestions of things you should grab now if you want to save some cash.

Happy Nature Badge Set

Badge sets will all be going up a little, though if you don’t fancy all the badges in a set, you can always pick and mix your own.


Individual cards will be staying the same price, but the 2 cards for £3 offer will be changing to 3 cards for £5.

5 A Day Gift Wrap Set

Gift wrap is staying the same price but the gift wrap sets will no longer include stickers once the current ones are sold.

Polymer Stamps

Polymer stamps will be going up a lot I’m afraid. It was always meant as an introductory price until I decided whether to sell them wholesale. That time has come so get them cheap while you still can!

A few other things are going up a little too (tote bags, spiral notebooks and letter sets) but many more (brooches, notepads, coin purses, stickers) are staying the same. I’ll be changing the prices at the weekend so be quick!

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