Summer Holiday Eats

Angel Bunny sized cake at the Covesea cafe

I thought I’d do a separate post about things we ate because it was a bit of a cake fest and we even did some baking! Above is a truly massive piece of chocolate and berries gateau at the Covesea Cafe near Lossiemouth. We couldn’t even finish it between two, and Angel Bunny was no help.


I’ll be posting next week about our visit to Pitmedden gardens. Their tearoom wasn’t up to much (though we did have a nice parsnip soup), but luckily we had spotted Formartine’s on the way and popped in for cake after. It was really hard to choose two to share but I don’t think you could make a bad choice – both these were amazing and we’ll definitely be returning, since they have walks and things too.

caramel sponge

Our visit was well-timed as I arrived two days before our local baker closed forever. It was pretty distressing news but at least I got a final taste of their amazing butteries and caramel sponge. I’m not sure how I will live in a world without caramel sponge.

Stroopwafel Cake Mix

I posted this cake mix box on Instagram and it caused a bit of a sensation. That’s right people, Dutch syrup waffle cake! My aunt brought this over and my mum kindly saved it so we could try it together.


We followed the instructions with some extra additions recommended by my aunt. Here’s the mix with chopped up stroopwafels and we also added chopped up pear.


We cooked it in a round cake tin so that you can do this and create wedges. I wasn’t around for this part for some reason, so that means I get none of the blame for how it didn’t really work.


As here it is all baked. I guess they should have pushed them into the batter further. Still amazing though.

Stroopwafel cake with pears inside too

I think I got the most photogenic slice, but my camera didn’t really do it justice. You will be unsurprised to hear that it tasted awesome and the leftovers were even better the next day. If you want to try it, it looks like you can order online from I Love Stroopwafels.

Our attempts at Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land Kit

I also brought along a box of Japanese candy and DIY kits so that I could get the full family opinion – you can read all about that at Super Cute Kawaii (the post with the hilarious kit above will be up in a couple of hours)

Most of these photos were borrowed from my sister Nicolette – go follow her on Instagram. It’s her birthday tomorrow too so you’ll also get to see all the marvellous presents I got her.

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