5 Year Diaries for 2016!

5 year diary

It’s that time of year again and new editions of my 5 Year Diaries are available for 2016-2020. This year’s design features my 5 A Day fruit and vegetable characters with a full colour cover and lots of illustrations throughout the pages. If you’re in the UK, the monthly characters are in season that month too – helpful!

Spiral Bound 5 Year Diary - 5 A Day

If you’re new to all this, these diaries have space for 5 entries per day so you fill out your daily doings for the year and then turn back to the beginning and start again. After five years your diary is complete and you have a great memory book. It also includes profile pages for every year for extra fun. I’ve nearly completed my first prototype and it’s still really cool seeing what I was up to that day on previous years.

Want to join in the fun? Here’s your options:

5 Year Diary Paperback - 5 A Day

5 A Day paperback diary
This is the classic, about the size of a standard paperback book. These are available from me by pre-order, so order now and it will be delivered in time for Christmas anywhere in the world. I will also have some available later that are ready to ship if you’re in a hurry and a few at the Etsy market on December 6th.
Pre-order one now for £12 >>

Spiral Bound 5 Year Diary - 5 A Day

5 A Day spiral bound diary
These are larger size diaries (around A5) with plastic coil binding. You get more space per entry and the pages can lie flat. These are available on-demand from Lulu so will ship a few days after you order with regional and express shipping options available, plus it stays available all year if you decide later that you wanted one. Check my Saturday blog posts for discounts and offers too.
Order on-demand from Lulu for £16 >>

Spiral Bound 5 Year Diary - Solar System

Solar System spiral bound diary
I also update the previous year’s design for anyone who missed out so you can have one with my Solar System characters on the cover and decorating the inner pages. This is the same as the above diary and only available on-demand from Lulu.
Order on-demand from Lulu for £16 >>

Spiral Bound 5 Year Diary - Solar System

PLUS! I have two test diaries available in my Etsy shop. These are the copies I bought to check the printing and they’re basically perfect, but available at a discount since I’ve been using them for photos.
Shop diaries at Etsy >>

If you already own one of my diaries, let me know how you’re getting on!

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