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Goodbye November! I wasn’t entirely sure I’d have time for this post, but I have cobbled some stuff together.

Fave 4 from the blog

New Stuff

Links I Loved


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
I treated myself to the last Rainbow Rowell book I hadn’t read (and her first published) to read on the train and it was a good choice. It’s her other adult book, but I liked it a lot more than Landline, probably because of the office setting and fun email-based storyline. It’s about an IT guy whose job is to read flagged employee emails and enjoys the conversation between Beth and best friend Jennifer so much that he starts to fall in love with her. There’s so much more story than that though and as always the dialogue and email conversations are so well written. Definitely worth picking up. (Buy on Amazon)

And I haven’t managed to stick to anything else since. I am partway through a whole bunch of books, none of which have quite captured my attention.

Unread books update: 1 down, 0 added, 12 to go. Oh dear.


New thing! I have done this as a List: TV I’M INTO THIS NOVEMBER

Games & Apps

Neko Atsume (free for iPhone & Android)
I have played this a little bit a couple of times, but now there’s a English version and it is so much more fun without the guessing. The title translates as Kitty Collector, and that is all you do – put food and toys in your virtual garden and then check in throughout the day to see what cats have come to play. It’s been perfect for my busiest time of year as it only takes a few seconds to check in, though you can get caught up taking cute photos for your cat album and renaming your cats for greater amusement. You wouldn’t believe how delighted I was the first time one of my cats brought me a memento (it was a collar and not a dead bird, thankfully)! I’ve almost saved up enough fish to expand my garden and I can’t wait.

Happy Home Designer (Nintendo DS)
An interior design spin off of Animal Crossing that I reviewed at length over at Super Cute Kawaii. I got mildly obsessed with this when it came out but haven’t touched it for the last couple of weeks as I don’t have the time. Looking forward to getting back to it over the holidays though.

The List App (free for iPhone)
An app for making lists (duh), co-founded by BJ Novak (best list: POST-2012 OFFICE EPISODES I WISH WE COULD HAVE WRITTEN – I laughed so much at this) and packed full of smart, funny people making totally random lists about all kinds of fun stuff. Back in the old days of the internet, this was basically what blogging was so I am loving it. You’d think a list is a list, but people are doing so many inventive things, from short stories to recipes to photo essays to crowdsourced lists. Having only launched publicly recently, it’s very small and a bit celeb-heavy, but the good kind of celebs, who are awesome and entertaining. Plus that means anyone can get a list trending and sometimes things like this happen.

It's been a weirdly exciting day for me. Recognition from two of my favourite writers! Anyone else loving The List App? I am posting quite a lot over there.

Talk about pressure! I haven’t been able to look closely at my followers since, in case I notice they’ve unfollowed me (update: BJ just liked and relisted my TV list so apparently I’m still cool). I’m @marceline on there if you want to swap lists. Here 5 of my favourite lists I’ve made so far:

How was your month?

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