Etsy Made Local Glasgow Market

My stall at etsymadelocal in Glasgow

I feel like I lost a week there, it’s been so busy, but a quick recap of the Etsy Made Local market at the weekend. Short version: it was awesome! There were events all around the UK organised by the local teams and Glasgow did an amazing job.

glasgow etsymadelocal

It was held at The Briggait, which was lovely and bright, though also SO COLD. Thankfully the crowds of shoppers warmed it up nicely. It was so busy all day I barely had time to take photos, do social media promotion or have much of a look around, but no complaints there. I was lucky to have my mum helping out so I did get a few breaks.

It's mayhem at #etsymadelocal - I'm almost out of snowflake ornaments. Here for another hour!

I bought this wooden tree specifically to hang up my Snowflake ornaments and sold the lot! We also managed to hang up the cookies I baked for a bit of extra fun.

Big thanks to everyone who came along and bought stuff and said nice things – it was such a nice friendly fun day. It’s very rare you wish a market would go on for longer but it was all over so quickly. You can see more photos on the Glasgow Etsy Team Instagram and hopefully we’ll do it all again next year.

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