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My Christmas Decorations

My Christmas tree is up!

I finally managed to get my Christmas decorations up at the weekend and now I’m feeling quite festive (which is good as Christmas is apparently ten days away, what?!).


I put my tree up over on my sewing table this year, which means I don’t see it as much, but there is a lot more room to spread things out. Also, since the tree is against the wall, I got to totally front load my tree with all my cute ornaments! I wrote about them last year so I won’t repeat myself.

Finally made my button tree from Day 3 - it's so cute! Took me 3 attempts because there are no instructions and my brain isn't at full capacity this time of year.

I don’t have many new decorations this year, but I did make this little button tree from a kit that I got during Sister Advent (more on that soon). It’s from Tiger, but you could totally make one yourself if you’re a button hoarder like me.

Finally putting up my decorations.

I have this star that I hang on my front door and I thought it would be cute to add a snowflake this year! I glued together one of the ones that arrived broken so I won’t be too upset if someone makes off with it. Hopefully it cheers up my poor postie, who is probably sick of dropping off all my packages.

A tour of my cute festive mantelpiece

And here’s a tour of my mantelpiece. Quite a few of these things are on display all year, but I love gathering them all up together. You’ll also note I still have my ghost garland up – I wasn’t ready to take it down yet.

Remember I have lots of free printables available including garlands, ornaments, gift tags and mini cards!

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