Christmas Holiday Photos

Better late than never, here’s a few photos from my Christmas up north.

Snow near Dufftown

While it was unseasonably mild for December, we did find a little sprinkling of snow near Dufftown and the skies were so pretty most days.

Craigellachie Bridge

No snow at all in nearby Craigellachie, but we had a wander over the bridge, which is very picturesque and full of history.

Spotted a wild Angel Bunny

We went back to Formartine’s for a walk around the lake and spotted a wild Angel Bunny.  We had lunch there too, which was really nice but not quite as good as the cakes we had last time.

west beach

It’s always nice to have a walk around my hometown especially when the West Beach is looking this pretty.

West Beach, Lossiemouth

The waves were huge and we all took about a million photos trying to capture how big they were, but it never really looks the same in photos.

Spooky Christmas Eve power cut family Scrabble. Winner not pictured because it was me!!

Christmas itself was a bit more exciting than we expected as there was a power surge on Christmas Eve and we had to change our plans and play a game of candlelight Scrabble (I won!) while they dug up the road. Luckily we got enough power back for Christmas dinner, but it was certainly memorable!

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