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January Round Up

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Goodbye January! Even though I know Spring is still a long way away, I’m glad January is over. Also including some December stuff since I couldn’t fit a post in.

Fave 5 from the blog in December

Fave 5 from the blog in January

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Here is my Reading List for 2016 – quite a lot to get through!

Tokyo: Monocle Travel Guide
Pretty interesting guide though really only that useful if you’re going to Tokyo to look at architecture, drink fancy coffee and buy high-end clothes for men, plus getting taxis everywhere because ugh public transport is for peasants. There are some good tips for art and design and walks, and it’s saved by a section of short essays in the middle with odes to everything from Tokyo’s motorways to record shopping. [Buy on Amazon]

Step Aside, Pops & Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton
I’ve been following Kate’s comics online for a few years and realised I should give something back and finally buy her books. I’m really glad I did as they are so hilarious. They’re mostly based on historical figures and events and really ramp up the absurdity. I also dearly love the sections where she guesses at the stories behind old book covers and postcards. Her drawing style is unbelievable as well – how does she get such expression from a few quick sketchy lines? If you like history, feminism, books or laughing you should get these immediately. [Buy on Amazon]

The Royal We by by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
Got this cheap as it was recommended all over The List App. It’s written by the Fug Girls and is basically Kate Middleton fan fiction but with an American protagonist. Being an anti-monarchy Scot, I am probably not the intended audience but it was well written for this sort of thing, and didn’t rely on ridiculous misunderstandings to drag the plot out. Enjoyable read, though I did find the characters a bit too madcap and cartoony by the end. [Buy on Amazon]

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine
There are so many great female rock musician memoirs on my wish list, but this was on offer first. I found it a bit too raw and honest to deal with. The first part about being part of the punk scene in London and touring with The Slits was really cool to read about from a female perspective. After that, it’s like watching a friend make a series of terrible life decisions and not being able to do anything about it. It’s a tough read but I have a ton of respect for her now. [Buy on Amazon]

Stardust by Neil Gaiman
One of those, ‘here, have a free book’ offers from Amazon that I finally got around to reading. It’s about a boy who goes to fairyland to find a fallen star to bring back to his true love and has all manner of adventures. I though it was really strangely structured. The first few chapters make it seem like a massive multi-book epic and then it suddenly starts jumping the story forward randomly and condensing stuff to something much shorter. I would have liked to read the long version. I ended up watching the movie adaptation after and, while that had a bunch of different problems, it worked a lot better and I totally see how people compare it to The Princess Bride. Kind of wish I hadn’t read it now. [Buy on Amazon – Book / DVD]


Deutschland 83
I love a spy drama, especially when it involves the Cold War. This is a German production and fairly fluffy compared to something like The Americans but I’m enjoying it a lot. The 80s stuff is great – both the reactions of our young spy hero to capitalist excess and the East Germans spending three episodes trying to find a way to read these new-fangled floppy disks. Hoping it sticks the ending (unlike London Spy’s fiasco).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
YESSSS! So good to have it back. ❤️

Travel Man
Richard Ayoade goes on various mini breaks with fellow comedians who try not to just spend the entire trip giggling at everything he says. Always involves the weirder tourist attractions, confused locals and some actually decent tips. The episode where he went to Vienna with Chris O’Dowd was possibly more entertaining than the IT Crowd reunion episode.

The Story of Scottish Art
Finally got to finish this and I feel like I learned more in four episodes than my six years of art history classes. It’s presented by painter Lachlan Goudie who wanders around our amazing Scottish landscapes enthusing about art from standing stones to present day, all while sketching away in his sketchbook. Should really have been titled The Story of Scottish Painting though; there wasn’t much of anything else.

Yes it was indulgent meta-nonsense but I don’t care! I will take any Sherlock in any form and enjoyed the hell out of this.

Also watched The Jinx in December, which was as flabbergasting as everyone said. I don’t want to spoil it at all, but if you get a chance to watch it, do! It’s so expertly structured that you end every episode with a whole new perspective on what is a seriously bizarre true crime story.

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