New Limited Edition Ghost Brooch Pre-Order

ghost brooches

Since the Glitter Ghosts were so popular, I decided I would create more limited editions and the next one arrived this week. If you want to add one to your collection, there’s a special pre-order offer available while I work on gluing, packaging and photography ready for full launch on Monday!

Ordered some colourful ghost stickers to go out with pre-orders of the new limited edition ghost brooch! What do you think it will be made of this time?

Until then you can pre-order a brooch at a special price of £4 (normal price is £5) with 2 free colourful ghost stickers! They’ll ship out on Monday so you’ll get your brooch before everyone else (well, everyone in your country at least).

New limited edition ghost brooches are available for pre-order!

The catch is that you don’t know what type of ghost you’re buying but I promise you it’s adorable and will make a sweet Valentine’s Day date. Once again, these are limited to 50 pieces and won’t be back once they’re sold out. Go get one!

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