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Studio Tour

I have been promising this for ages, so finally a look around my tiny studio! I took all these photos not long after the room was repainted following water damage from a roof leak so it’s a little tidier than usual, but I do keep a tidy studio generally.

My studio

This is the view from the door. It’s a very small room as the owners chopped some out to make the kitchen bigger. That was a good plan and it’s big enough for me and nice and warm in the winter.

My studio

I took photos going clockwise round the room so the first corner has my printer sitting on my record player unit. Those big cardboard boxes hold wrapping paper! If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t sell more designs or bigger sheets, this is why. It’s really heavy and so difficult to store and takes up so much space.

My studio

The sofa bed takes up half the studio but it means I can turn it into a guest bedroom and have visitors. It’s from IKEA and all the bedding fits inside too. The crochet blanket was one of my mum’s finds and always gets comments, especially with all my kawaii pillows. I’ve blogged about all my artwork before.

My studio

The windowsill is for displaying cute things! The boxes are full of boring stuff like printer ink and string. Under the window I have file boxes full of tax stuff and all my paper, card, labels etc. My gift tags are in those small boxes and there’s a shoebox holding all my order shipping supplies. It’s all easily reachable from my desk.

my desk

My desk! I mostly use it for order packing and for gluing brooches and sometimes for painting or other messy art stuff. Because of my RSI I can’t do computer work at a desk. The green drawers hold my stamps and stickers and badge/brooch packaging. The wooden box has tape and the clear drawers are where I store all my paper receipts until they’re too full and I’m forced to add them to my accounts and file them. Least favourite task ever.

Making brooches

Here’s what I was working on that day – gluing brooches! It’s nice to be able to leave them out to dry and close the door. One of my most ridiculous tasks is poking out the mouths from brooches with a pin. I also have to remember to colour in the banana and carrot stalks.


I took a more recent photo of my pinboard since there’s lots more on it now. It’s mostly things that make me happy, plus tickets and vouchers that I might forget about otherwise. Click on the photo to see it bigger at Flickr.

My studio

Next to my desk are these drawers filled with all kinds of supplies, from magnetic tape and staplers to labels and cello bags. My sticker collection is also in there and a bunch of art supplies. And the tubs hold all my packaged products, ready to be picked and shipped.

My studio

Here’s another look (and my cute bunny slippers!). You can see why I was making brooches – I’d almost run out.

Stock cupboard

If you’re wondering how I keep my studio so tidy, it’s because I shove everything else into this cupboard in the hallway. It’s full of extra notepads and tote bags and cards and badges and laser cut pieces, plus envelopes in so many different sizes.

sewing table

And my sewing machine and all my fabric is in my living room, as blogged about here.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!


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