Recent Clothing Purchases

Now that my Japan trip is coming up really fast, I have been loosening the purse strings a little to prepare. Mostly I have been buying clothes as the average temperature for May is 14-21°C, which is about as warm as it ever gets here in Scotland. I doubt I even own a weeks worth of summer clothes.

liberty x uniqlo

It feels a bit silly ordering from Uniqlo when I’ll be in Japan soon, but their collaborations have been perfect for me this year and it’s such good value. The Liberty collection is all so pretty, but I managed to restrict myself to just a t-shirt and hoodie.

uniqlo x liberty

Here’s a better look at them. I’m so glad I got the hoodie. It’s nice and light for Japan, where I probably won’t need a coat, and has good pockets and thumb holes in the cuffs.

Also my Barbapapa t-shirt arrived from Uniqlo. So great.

I also couldn’t resist this Barbapapa t-shirt, a childhood favourite! One annoying thing about Uniqlo is that all their t-shirts are all different fabrics and shapes, and I have to order everything online so it’s all a bit of a gamble. This t-shirt is so soft and comfy that I actually bought a second one.


I am currently watching the Space Brothers anime about two brother astronauts, and enjoying it so much. The original theme song is the delightfully nonsensical Feel So Moon (wow, I forgot quite how bonkers the opening credits are) and I really wanted that on a t-shirt. Of course, the internet is already on it! I’m not going to link to where I bought this as who knows if any have permission to sell it.


Boden sent me a £10 birthday gift voucher so I got a crinkle cotton shirt, which will be perfect for wearing over sleeveless tops and won’t need ironing!

Awful pin

I also picked up this amazing Awful pin at Hannah Zakari at the weekend, which goes great with my Liberty hoodie.

I also went through my entire wardrobe and got rid of so much stuff that I never wear, so I definitely need to do some more shopping soon!

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