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Mt Fuji Sashiko

fuji sashiko

Remember I was working on a new sashiko piece to go with my bunny kit? I finished it!

Mt Fuji sashiko design

When I was looking for ideas for something to match, I saw this Fuji pattern and decided to design something with my own Fuji. I then realised that the bunny design was almost perfect already with clouds, rainbows and sakura. I photographed the pattern from my kit and redrew it in Illustrator using the same colour scheme. Isn’t it cute?!

Tracing the pattern

To get the design on to the fabric, I used this washable marking pencil. I printed the design full size and stuck all the sheets together and then used the cheapo’s lightbox, a window on a sunny day! Just tape it to the window and then tape your fabric on top. Sashiko fabric is thin enough to see the lines well enough to get a decent trace.

Mt Fuji sashiko

I was very proud of my neat stitching on the bunny kit, but without the stitches marked it was much harder and my stitches are uneven and a bit wobbly in places. I did redo a few bits that were particularly bad but generally I tried not to be a perfectionist about it.

Matching sashiko designs for cushion cover

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it matches so nicely with the bunny, especially since I swapped the border colours so Fuji has a red sun. I’m going to sew them into a reversible cushion cover soon, but unfortunately I bought the wrong size of zip so I need to return those first!


While I was stitching I posted a photo to a thread on – A Photo and Description of What Is In Front of Me, Right This Very Second – and someone asked me to list about sashiko so here’s a primer: What is Sashiko?

If anyone wants to stitch my Fuji, you can buy the bunny pattern from Tadaa Studio (and others) and I’ll be happy to email you the Fuji part to swap in.

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