New! Little Ghost Enamel Pins

OR NOT. It seems I should have taken a closer look at all the pins in my order as 80% were damaged and the company insist I return the entire order so I can’t sell any. Halloween is ruined. I’m really sorry if you wanted one – I’m so disappointed.

little ghost enamel pins

Once I started making enamel pins, it was inevitable that my Little Ghost would be on the list. He’s got a lot of fans plus it’s perfect timing for Halloween! The postman tried to deliver them while I was away so I had an unbearable wait over the bank holiday weekend until I could see them, but they’re as cute as I hoped.

Little Ghost enamel pin

It was hard to decide on a metal finish, but I’m glad I went with black nickel as it’s a really nice contrast with the white enamel and will stand out wherever you pin it. They’re in my shop now for £7 each and come packaged up all nicely.

I'm trying to photograph the ghost pins but they're up to their usual mischief!

Here’s an outtake from the photography session where they all seemed to be doing a runner. I don’t know why my ghosts always get up to more mischief than any other character but that’s probably why we love them.

All my badges are restocked and I also got extra ghosts for freebies next month ??

PS. I’m giving away spooky freebies with selected orders until Halloween. Things that will make you more likely to get something: ordering ghosts, ordering lots of things, leaving fun drawing requests or nice comments in the checkout box, being a regular buyer.

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