Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

Here’s my favourite customer photos from the last few months. Thanks so much for taking such cute photos of my products! One person wins a special surprise too so share yours for next time.

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on

Emma has started a little Japan-themed pin collection including my Mt Fuji!

A photo posted by Alison Rose (@alisonrose711) on

Alison shared this great photo of her Kawaii Japan Surprise Box.

A photo posted by Danielle (@danielleclaire00) on

Danielle managed to capture her Ghost Brooch glowing in the dark – they’re back in stock now if you were wanting one.

Katie showed off her cute order with Ghost and Apple brooches. I ran out of paper bags too so she got one of my precious bunny bags!

Stefanie is using my free Autumn Bears wallpaper to cute up her office and stay productive.

menu board

And the winner this time is Pam who used my 5 A Day wrapping paper to make this amazing meal planner menu board! What a great idea.

Remember to share your photos with me for a chance to be featured next time – just tag me on Instagram or Twitter or use the hashtag #askingfortroublekawaii. You can also add a photo to your review on Etsy if you have their app installed on your phone.

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