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Meet The Maker Week

I recently took part in Meet The Maker Week, an Instagram photo challenge set by Joanne Hawker. If you missed it, here’s my posts, plus you can find out how I pack your orders!


Day 1: Brand

I’m Marceline and I’ve been running Asking For Trouble for nine years! In that time I’ve changed from making things by hand using Japanese fabric and paper to designing a range of kawaii character goods. Cakeify the happy cupcake was the first character I drew and he’s still in my logo. I currently work from home in Helensburgh (near Glasgow) and I’m also a web designer and blogger.

Day 2 of #meetthemakerweek is all about ME!

Day 2: You

I still do pretty much everything in my business from designing to shipping with the help of some amazing companies and services. My mum also sews up my fabric into cute purses (she’s busy at it right now). It can be hard being the face of a business when you’re actually quite shy so I hide behind my illustrated avatars.

Day 3 of #meetthemakerweek

Day 3: Your Space

I do have a dedicated studio/spare room but it’s not looking too pretty at the moment as I’ve been waiting all year for the landlord to repaint after water damage 😥 Since I have RSI and a whole flat to myself, I’m just as likely to be working on the sofa in front of the TV – who else is a tray crafter?

Day 4: In Action

I finally remembered to record my pattern making process while I designed my free December wallpapers! I used my Sakura pattern as a template as scattered motifs are surprisingly time consuming to get right.

Day 5 of #meetthemakerweek

Day 5: Customers

I LOVE it so much when you share your photos with me – it’s one of the best parts of running my business. Here’s a few favourites from this year.

order packing

Over at, I live listed a day of order packing, if you’d like to see what really goes on when I’m shipping out your orders.

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