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My Favourite Christmas Presents

I don’t know what happened this year but I got a lot of Christmas presents and they were all amazing. Here’s a few of my favourites.


Look at this grumpy bunny! It’s a Rabi-Dango and don’t click that link unless you want to end up viewing page after page of dumpling bunnies and cats in ever cuter variations and then crying because they’re sold out. Why did I not see this snow bunny sooner?

Oh K! Kitty trinket dish

After 8 years of writing for SCK, it’s getting harder to impress me, but I loved this Oh K! kitty trinket dish that Natasja found and put it on my wishlist. I don’t even have anything to put in my current trinket dish (the umbrella) but I don’t care.

Felt coasters by Lupin

Claire got me some good gifts including these very pretty coasters that I should have realised are the work of Lupin. I need to find a nice way to display them as no way am I letting anyone put drinks on them.

Noodle bowl

My mum found these clever noodle bowls in France and brought them back for me and Nicolette. I managed to get mine home in one piece and need to cook some noodles pronto.

Gifts from Deth P Sun

You may remember this print from my November wish list and Deth just went and sent me one – so nice! It’s already framed and hanging in my bedroom, which is becoming rather map-themed. Look at all those stickers too. You should go buy some.

New books!

Everyone knows by now, just to get me books and I got some great ones. Can’t wait to find some time to make stamps!

KiraKiraDoodles swap parcel

I did a swap with fellow kawaii ghost fan KiraKiraDoodles and got so much cute stuff including my very own Spooky McCute pin! I need to get all my ghosts together for a group photo as I have quite a gang now. Secret Santa

I also joined in the Secret Santa for the second year running and got lots of cute stuff. You can read my unboxing list and also the one my recipient wrote.

King Bunny of the Cake

And that isn’t even the cutest gifts I got! I’ll be sharing those over at Super Cute Kawaii later today so make sure to check that out. This tiny bunny is possibly the greatest thing that ever existed.


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