Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

I haven’t done one of these for ages because my blog was down over Halloween when there were so many Ghost photos but they’re still adorable so let’s see!

It’s always great to see how my on-demand products look in real life. Caecilia picked up a couple of my spooky designs from Redbubble and they look so cute!

My Happy Apple brooch has been quite popular since I added him from a customer request. He fits right in with all Katie‘s apple themed accessories!

Seeing your photos of my Kawaii Japan surprise box – like this one by Marina – always makes me want to put together a new box. It will happen once I get some time to plan a fun new theme.

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I love seeing my crafty products in use and Attenna has been trying out all the polymer stamps she bought.

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Look at this amazing spread of Halloween enamel pins featuring my Little Ghost! I want pretty much all of these but they belong to smile.live.happy who also carved some of her favourite ghosts into a pumpkin, including mine:

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So cool! I think that’s definitely a winner this time. I send out a little surprise package to whoever took my favourite photo each time I do a post like this so make sure to share yours with me – just tag @marcelinesmith on Instagram.

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