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New Seasonal Badges

Ordering small amounts of seasonal badges is starting to be a regular thing and now I’ve continued it into spring. Since most of my badge orders come through my pick and mix offer, it’s fun to add a few new characters without the extra effort of keeping another badge set in stock.

Day 9 of #meetthemaker is Work in progress. I hardly ever share projects until they're finished as I'm always worried something will go wrong! Here's some mockups of new limited edition badges I ordered recently so look out for these soon

Joining the range for a short time is my Lucky Clover as well as an orange, peach and donut from my iPad experiments, plus I picked up some extra Sakura blossoms.

spring badges

Badges are the absolute worst thing to photograph – so reflective and annoying!


There’s no guarantee that any of these will be back so if you want one, go choose your favourites from over 40 characters! You can buy any 1, 2, 4 or 10 badges and they get cheaper the more you buy.

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