Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

There’s been a little flurry of tagging over on Instagram so here’s a few of your cute photos of my products.

I did a pin trade with Sally of Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes recently and she shared this colourful photo of our Fuji pins hanging out together (with Alexandra Cook‘s too). Fuji friends!

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The greatest thing about designing enamel pins is seeing them as part of a big collection. caffinatedcrafter has so many good ones, including my Fuji. Can you spot my Sakura badge too?

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nbnqnbnq has a pocket full of fun badges and brooches, but my Sad Bitten Cookie doesn’t look too happy about it.

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It’s always exciting to see my printables come to life and monmargo did a great job of my Easter Bunny garland. There’s another cute photo of it in progress too.

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When I designed my Mt Fuji notebooks for the surprise boxes, I never imagined someone would take it to Japan and use it to collect souvenir stamps! That has to be the perfect use for it. Check out brassyn‘s collection and there’s some cool photos from her trip there too.

That’s got to be my winner this time. I send out a little surprise package to whoever took my favourite photo each time I do a post like this so make sure to share yours with me – just tag @marcelinesmith on Instagram.

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