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My New Enamel Pins Display

enamel pins display - marcelinesmith

Last time I blogged about my enamel pins, I had only filled up part of a small frame. I soon filled up the rest so I either had to stop buying enamel pins (as if) or make a bigger display. I was planning to make a larger frame but instead I bought a cheap cork board from eBay. To make it more interesting, I painted it purple with acrylic paint.

enamel pins display - marcelinesmith

Moving them over was another conundrum but I decided to start at the corners and group by theme. These are my Japan pins.

enamel pins display - marcelinesmith

Ghost party! They’re all trying to cheer up Lizzy House’s sad ghost.

enamel pins display - marcelinesmith

I definitely need more space pins and have my eye on a few.

enamel pins display - marcelinesmith

I’m not quite sure what this group is – positivity?

enamel pins display - marcelinesmith

The biggest group by far is animals (and nature/food). It was mostly bunnies but there are quite a few cats sneaking in too.

tofu cute enamel pins - marcelinesmith

I got the four at the top right from Tofu Cute and you can read my review on SCK. I had some fun taking photos of them with my miniatures.

peapod enamel pin - askingfortrouble

There are too many makers to mention but just leave a comment if you want to know who made a particular pin. I also have a wish list on Pinterest. Don’t forget my own little Peapod pins too – they’re available in my shops for £7 each.

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