Making Sunae Sand Art With Naoshi

naoshi at hannah zakari

I’ve been following Naoshi‘s cute and colourful sunae sand art for a long time so when I heard she was doing a workshop at Hannah Zakari, I had to go. I tend to avoid Edinburgh during festival time as the crowds are horrendous but I’m glad I made the effort. Look how cute Naoshi’s window display is!

naoshi sunae at hannah zakari

Once inside, there was a small table set up for sunae with a selection of Naoshi’s kits to choose from. I decided to go with a cute cat in a backpack. There was only room for three of us at a time so we all got plenty of attention and it was fun to see what the others were making.

naoshi sunae at hannah zakari

Naoshi had brought lots of extra sand colours so we were able to make something more unique. I already loved the colour choices in the kit but added a few extra colours too.

naoshi sunae at hannah zakari

I’ve made a simpler sunae kit before and this one looked a lot more complicated but was actually still pretty easy. You basically peel off the design piece by piece and the sand sticks to the backing card.

Naoshi sunae workshop at Hannah Zakari

Here’s a little video of me finishing it off.

naoshi sunae at hannah zakari

Once I finished, Naoshi packaged it all up prettily! I’m not sure what to do with it yet – I might make another kit and then frame them all together. We also had a really nice chat about Japan and my designs – there’s quite a hilarious amount of my products for sale in the shop.

naoshi pins

Of course I had to do some shopping in Hannah Zakari and picked up these cute Naoshi pins. I love her ghosts and need to get a ghost kit to try next.

hannah zakari zine

Naoshi’s designs also grace the cover of the new Hannah Zakari zine, which is full of fun features. It’s free so pop along to the shop to pick one up or send them an email and ask nicely. You’ll find a little piece from me in one of the articles.

You can buy the sunae kits in person from Hannah Zakari or online at Naoshi’s Etsy shop.

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