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10 Year Anniversary Paper Crafts

No full paper craft tutorial this month as there’s so much else going on (plus I’ve been struck down with the cold). Instead I have an extra idea you can try with my previous tutorials.

10 year anniversary paper crafts - askingfortrouble

Anniversary and Birthday Cards or Decorations

My circular characters are perfect to replace zeros for anniversary or birthday celebrations. I’m celebrating Asking For Trouble’s 10 year anniversary but it works every decade from 10-100.

10 year anniversary paper crafts - askingfortrouble

All I did was measure the height of each paper cut character and then type a 1 at the same size. For a nice rounded font, I use Quicksand Bold. If you don’t have a program that lets you resize fonts in mm, just eyeball it by laying your character on a sheet of A4 paper and making the font take up a similar amount of space on screen.

10 year anniversary paper crafts - askingfortrouble

Print onto card and cut out, then you’re ready to glue them to a card or stick up as decorations! Let me know if you try it.

(I haven’t shown you how to make an apple but it’s pretty easy to do – just cut a circle and then add a short strip for a stalk and a leaf or two.)

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