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Asking For Trouble is 10 Years Old!

I can hardly believe it! The time has gone by so quickly since I started making a few brooches and purses by hand. I’m not sure I could have predicted how much my business would have changed over the years. While people have different concepts of what a successful business is, I think everyone can agree that ten years is a bit of an achievement.

asking for trouble 10 year anniversary

I’m going to spend September celebrating the last ten years and looking back at how I got here so expect lots of blog posts plus a giveaway, new products and another surprise box. I wanted to create an anniversary design so I’m impressed by my foresight to draw so many round characters that make for a perfect ten!

asking for trouble 10 year anniversary

Most of all, THANK YOU for supporting my little business, whether you’ve been following along from the beginning or just found me recently. I appreciate every order, like and comment!

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