My Stall at Etsy Made Local

The Glasgow Etsy Made Local market was a few weeks ago but I wanted to just share a few photos. Since I only do one or two events a year, it’s nice to have a record on the blog.

Etsy Made Local

Here’s my stall setup. I was so disorganised this year that I had barely done anything before my mum came down on the Friday. We managed to get it all together in time though and it looked pretty great. Can you spot the Christmas ‘Chu?

Etsy Made Local

My masterstroke was this display board for my brooches and pins that I made in about an hour! Now that I have so many characters, I wanted people to be able to see them all instead of rummaging in a big box. It turned out perfectly!

Etsy Made Local

I originally planned to paint it but since I was only using it for one day, a more temporary measure seemed like a better idea. I just cut circles from stick-on glitter paper. It peels right off so I can reclaim the board for my ever-growing enamel pin collection.

Clod & Pebble ceramic tea cup

I mostly bought gifts, but did follow my usual pattern of buying ceramics for myself – this time a tea cup by Clod & Pebble.

Etsy Made Local

Anyway, big thanks to everyone who came down. It’s so nice to meet people who come every year or follow me on social media or have been buying since the early days of Asking For Trouble. It’s a long day in a cold (but beautiful!) venue and the chat makes it all worthwhile. I will hopefully see you again next year!

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