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2018 Plans & Goals


You’d think I’d learn by now that the universe always has different plans for me that I can never imagine, but I still like to set a few goals for the year. At least I did manage 2 of last year’s goals – read 52 books and make art for fun.

I posted a little manifesto on Twitter to guide my 2018, so let me expand a little. You can expect blog posts about most of these too.

Read more comics

An unexpected bonus of buying an iPad – I really love reading comics and manga on it. I’ve already started a new manga (about a Japanese competitive memory card game!).

Write for fun (RIP

Since the death of, I’ve found it really hard to find a replacement. I do tweet a bit more but I miss the requests and title wave inspiration. I’m going to keep trying with my Tumblr because I really miss sharing silly everyday things that wouldn’t fit on this blog.

Draw for fun

It took a long time but I finally got the hang of Procreate on my iPad and have figured out a style I’m happy with. I intend to keep at this and continue not worrying about sharing what I create (though hopefully I will make things I want to share!)

Go back to Japan

The big one! My next major trip was supposed to be using my air miles to visit the USA but I refuse to go during this presidency. Instead I have been badgering my sister to come back to Japan with me, and we have a short trip pencilled in for this autumn.

Sew some pyjamas

I fail at my dressmaking goals every year so I’m downgrading. Surely I can manage one simple pair of pyjama bottoms?

Start a journal

After watching far too many journalling videos, it’s time to give it a go myself. The plan is for a kawaii bullet journal and I have already begun.

Listen to new music

Considering I used to run a new music website, it’s kind of shocking that I only bought four albums last year, and two were by bands I’ve been listening to since the 90s. I really hate streaming music but I’m going to try and listen to some new bands and give my favourite old playlists a rest.

Go outside

When I get busy, it can be hard to stop and go out for a walk. The weather can be quite grim round here so I need to remember to go out when the sun’s out, even if I’ve got a deadline to meet.  I intend to track this in my journal.

Buy some new shoes

Can you believe I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes daily for over two years and have only bought a pair of sandals for Japan in that time? I think I deserve a new pair of shoes (and should probably get rid of all my other shoes that I never wear)

Make more pom poms

My new favourite hobby. I’ve mostly made things for gifts and fun, but maybe I will create some tutorials this year.

+ a monthly challenge?

Usually I set myself a monthly challenge like my wallpapers/paper craft tutorials but I haven’t decided on anything yet. I miss creating printables and wallpapers, but I enjoyed the tutorials too, so it will probably be a mix of things throughout the year. Any requests?


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