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It’s a new year, so I’ve changed a few things around for these posts. I’ll share my video on Instagram later.

My 4 favourite photos

instagram marcelinesmith

Mostly from my Instagram (L-R, top-bottom)

  • So many pretty views from the seafront this month
  • A new batch of polymer stamps arrived, still neatly lined up
  • Sumikko Ghost in an an apple house
  • Sunset!

Fave 5 from the blog

Other things I wrote

Links I loved

  • I was really pleased to discover the founder of Get Rich Slowly has bought the site back. Some blogs just don’t work without their original voice. There’s loads of helpful, non-judgmental, advice about money on there and it’s well worth following again.
  • Need some book recs? My pal Rachel read 174 books in 2017! Quite a few of my recent favourites came via her lists and this is a fun round-up.
  • Some great New Year blogging improvements to keep your blog fresh from Kristabel.
  • Tor still killing it with the Star Wars essays: The Rebellion Won Because They Treated Their Droids Like People. Chopper should be fired into the sun though.

2018 goals update

Go outside: 15/31 days. Ouch. In my defence, I have been really busy and sick and the weather is grim.
Blog posts written: 13 here and 12 at SCK

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