Recent Purchases – February

Let’s see what I’ve been spending my money on lately. I’ve been pretty good since it’s my birthday later this month.

enamel pins

There was no way I could resist the collaboration pin between Yoyo the Ricecorpse and ALXNDRA. I mean, it’s it is literally my two favourite things hugging each other. The hardest part was deciding whose shop to buy from but I decided to get an onigiri pin too.

enamel pin display board - marcelinesmith

As you can see, I finally moved my enamel pin collection to a bigger board so I can keep buying more! The paint I used was turquoise but it came out so much darker than it looked on the tube so the colour scheme isn’t quite what I wanted, but it’s fine.

craft kits

I picked up some new craft kits to play with on a recent trip to Glasgow. The paper cherry blossoms are so pretty and I’ve made a few different ones. I’ll blog about that in more detail eventually. I don’t have any fixed plans for the mini embroidery hoops but it was so cheap. You can find them in Tiger.

sumikko gurashi rement

I’ve been eyeing up the Sumikko Gurashi Patisserie Re-ment miniatures so I jumped on Tofu Cute’s offer recently and picked up a couple of boxes (and some Pocky!).  I really wanted the bundt cake so I was very happy to get that and the tiny cakes and biscuits are so adorable.

new balance silver trainers

And yes! I ordered the silver space trainers from my wish list. They were a bit delayed thanks to the snow but well worth the wait. I was a tiny bit worried they’d be a bit too crazy but they’re not and a I love them a lot. I’m glad my old trainers still have plenty of wear left though as I’m not wasting these new ones in our usual rainy grim spring weather.

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