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100 Days of Kawaii Characters – Part 7

This is the second last recap for my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project – only 12 more to go! Here’s a look back at the last 12 days – for the daily posts, follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 77-80

  • Eggs – I added a few more elements for a pattern. Hope to finish this one next. (Illustrator)
  • Burger – I started this in Illustrator but I didn’t like it so I redrew it in Sketch.
  • Fries – a friend for Burger. Using any other colour than red for the packaging just looked so wrong! (Illustrator)
  • Trapped Terrarium Ghost – I was wondering what other jars my ghost could be trapped in and I’m sure there will be more. There’s a slowed-down timelapse of this, (Sketch/iPad)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 81-84

  • Broccoli – If I’m stuck, I look for fruit & veg I haven’t drawn yet. (Illustrator)
  • Hibud – Trying the draw this in your style meme with Yoyo the Ricecorpse‘s adorable character. (Illustrator)
  • Watercolour Ghosts – it’s great when an idea turns out exactly as you imagined, though getting a nice blend of colours was harder than I thought. (Sketch/Photoshop)
  • Watermelon – I recently sewed a watermelon pouch like this and wondered what my character would look like as a horizontal wedge. (Illustrator)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 85-88

  • Socks – this was weirdly popular. You’re all lovely but the designs are not that unique – and not really possible either. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Famous Cats – practicing drawing cats with my faves (Corocorocoronya, Pusheen, Neko/Sumikko Gurashi & Sunny/Neko Atsume). (Sketch/iPad)
  • Cats – working on a cat character was one of the reasons I started this project so I’m glad I finally got around to it. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Daisy – leftover from my plants week back in the 50s as it wasn’t quite right. I had another look and it just needed a couple of tweaks. (Illustrator)

It feels very exciting to post #90 today, and that I’m almost done. When I took a break earlier this month, I started working on other things and it felt like it would be really easy just to stop. I’m glad I pushed on and it’s going to feel so great to complete it!


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