Recent Purchases: July & August

Here’s a look at what I’ve been buying lately.

kawaii enamel pins

Let’s check in on my enamel pin collection first – and look at how warped the frame got during the heatwave! I’m hoping I can glue it back together as I really don’t want to paint another one and move them all over. I’ve been pretty good at not buying too many pins but the gaps are starting to fill up.

kawaii enamel pins

Here’s the main food/animals area.  New additions including Pusheen & Stormy from ARTBOX, more Zooshi from Cakes With Faces (the giraffe and alpaca), Hello Kitty with a strawberry and some Pink Samurai pins I’ll show you below.

kawaii enamel pins

My space corner is growing too, thanks to a giant Soyuz pin from a recent exhibition in Edinburgh, a shiny glitter rocket from Woah There Pickle and some random French business pin from my mum’s shop.

The Pink Samurai enamel pins

Here’s my pins from The Pink Samurai including adorable collaborations with Wild Olive and mochichito. 2 of these are seconds but the flaws are barely noticeable. Love the free stickers too.

H&M Home

I hadn’t been shopping in Glasgow for months and was pleased to see the new H&M has a big home department with some super cute animal kitchenware and tons of pillows and plush. I had no intention of buying that bunny but it was so soft and fluffy, I had to.

pusheenimals plush

I thought I’d struck a goldmine, finding the Pusheenimals surprise plush on offer at Claire’s for £5 and bought the last 3. Not such a bargain when they’re all seals though! The seal was one of my favourites but I was also hoping for the panda (or the very very rare giraffe).

lemoncatshop stickers

You may have heard that DaWanda is closing down (and merging with Etsy). I remembered I still had some gift voucher credit so had a fun time trying to find something under €4. LemonCatShop saved me with their free UK shipping so I picked up these colourful planner stickers. The striped one has cut outs so you get bunting shapes.


I also bought a few fun storage things for my studio but will share that separately sometime. Instead, let me rave about my bathroom storage board from IKEA! Since my sink fell off the wall (it’s a long story) and was replaced with a smaller one, I’ve had nowhere good to put my toothbrush. I spotted this, which attaches to the tiles with suction pads and you can arrange all the hanging bits as you like. It even has a sand timer, which I put in the shower. This is definitely aimed at kids but it’s perfect for things I use every day and adds a bit of colour to my all-white bathroom.

Etsy UK

And finally, look at my Etsy haul. I was kindly invited to spend £100 at UK Etsy shops and write about the experience, which is one of my favourite blogger requests ever. You can read all about everything at Super Cute Kawaii, along with discounts for almost all the shops.

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