New: Wooden Pins + Surprise Box Update

My new wooden pins finally turned up after a scenic jaunt around the UK. I’m so happy with them and excited to show you.

kawaii wooden pins

The first group are all-new characters: Egg on Toast, Battenberg Cake, Cup of Tea & Avocado Best Friends. Since I’m not making enamel pins any more, I hope these will be a good replacement. I think they’re just as small and cute, plus they’re more affordable at £4 each and they’re made from sustainable wood right here in the UK.

kawaii pins

They great for grouping too so I’ve added some sets of 2 at a discount. I think Egg on Toast with a Cup of Tea is my personal favourite. The cup handle is even cut out.

kawaii surprise box

If you can’t decide, there’s also a random one inside my surprise boxes. I had to take these down when the brooches went walkabout but they’re back up for sale now. For £10, you get a pin worth £4, a book worth £4 and 6 more new and exclusive items.

kawaii avocado pins

Let me know your favourite, and which characters you’d like to see in the next batch.

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