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Trapped Ghosts – Art Auction & Postcards

I mentioned a few times that I was painting something for the Iona Craft Shop postcard art auction and it’s now open for bids!

Terrarium Ghost

I painted a version of my Terrarium Ghost in watercolours (with metallic details!) and it’s one of a kind. I did paint two at the same time so I could test things out. By the end, one was a total mess but at least I didn’t ruin my good one. It’s ages since I painted something traditionally – I’m so used to drawing digitally now that it was really hard without an undo option! There’s a few things I wish I could change, but I’m mostly glad I finished it in time.

Terrarium Ghost

If you’d like to buy it, you can find it in the £100-£400 gallery. That’s a guide price though and the reserve is £30 so feel free to try a lower bid and you could be lucky. There’s loads of other artworks to bid on too including some famous names. All the proceeds go towards building a new village hall for the community so I hope they raise lots of money.

Trapped Ghosts

And if you love my trapped ghosts, there’s a new set of postcards in my shop. These were made for my surprise boxes (still available!), which each have a random 2 postcards inside. The full set of four has Terrarium Ghost, Ghost Ship in a Bottle, Lava Lamp Ghost and Ghost in the Pickle Jar, all for £3. There’s only a few available and they won’t be back.

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