Shop & Packaging Updates

I’ve been busy making some changes to my shop so here’s what’s happening.

free shipping

Free UK shipping on all orders

I’ve been pushed into free UK shipping by Not on the High Street and then Etsy and it does seem to make a difference so I’ve changed over my Shopify store too. That does mean a small increase in prices overall so to balance that out, I’ve added the following:

  • More bundles so you can buy 2 pins or 10 stickers etc. at a cheaper price than individually – look for them on each product page.
  • 15% discount on all orders of £15 or more.
  • Secure locking backs are a free option for all pins.
  • The last few surprise boxes are still £10 but that now includes shipping.

Packaging updates

I love cute packaging but it’s not really worth ruining the planet over, is it? My hope is to completely remove plastic cello bags from my online orders over the next few months. I had such a great response to removing them from cards and stationery that paper packaging is now standard unless specifically requested.

I’ve also removed cello bags from my pins and I’m starting to remove them from badges, brooches and polymer stamps too. That just leaves gift wrap sets so I’m looking for some nice paper packaging for those.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported this change. I really wish more makers would. It is a little more work as it’s easier to store plastic-wrapped products, but it’s got to be worth the effort. Even with Etsy Made Local, I packaged things in plastic but only sealed with a little bit of washi tape so that I could remove the cellos from unsold products and reuse them later.

peapod enamel pin

PS. I found one very last Peapod enamel pin so it’s in my shop.

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