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What’s In My Bag?

Ever since I got my new bag, I’ve had so many places to be so here’s what’s currently in my bag for all those trains, planes and ferries!

what's in my bag
  1. Cath Kidston bag (as blogged previously, with pin makers)
  2. Rilakkuma finger puppet from Rilakkuma Sabo Arashiyama
  3. Angel Bunny! – follow his travels on Instagram
  4. Tissues
  5. Polo mints, lime lip balm, Tokyo Sea Life pen/pencil (it is both!)
  6. Folding hair brush
  7. Sumikko Gurashi purse/wallet from AmiAmi (past season)
  8. Mini first aid kit in a prototype coin purse, made from my fabric
  9. Glasses cleaning cloth from pikaole’s Patreon
  10. Earbuds (and Korilakkuma cord tidy from Loft)
  11. Battery pack
  12. Kindle and book (finally reading this incredible Ian Svenonius book I bought in 2013)
  13. 5 A Day shopper bag – back in stock soon-ish.

You can compare it to last time I did this, in 2015 ,when I drew everything. Still a lot of things the same! My keys are the same but they’re usually in my pocket or by the door (because I have to quadruple check I have them in fear of locking myself out – #livingaloneproblems).

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