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I wanted to work on some personal projects for fun this year so I asked my patrons what they’d like to see most. The top votes were for videos so I am going to attempt a day in the life style video for my birthday week later this month and a video tour of my town once it gets warmer.

oshawott pokemon

The other vote was for Pokemon drawings so I’ve started that already. As you know, I play Pokemon Go every day (for four years!) and occasionally I have urges to draw certain Pokemon in my style. I’m aiming to do one a week but I’ll see how it goes.

oshawott pokemon

First was Oshawott, the otter Pokemon with a little shell on his tummy. He’s my current Buddy in Pokemon Go and cute both when grumpy and happy.

rowlett pokemon

Second was Rowlet, a round owl Pokemon. He was my starter in Pokemon Moon, which I never got to finish. This drawing is based on the bag I bought in Japan.

drifloon pokemon

Third is Drifloon, a balloon Pokemon. My avatar has a Drifloon hat in Pokemon Go, which I love.

jumpluff pokemon

And here’s a loook back at Jumpluff from my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters. Hoppip & Skiploom are definitely on my list too.

I’ll share a batch of these on the blog every now and then but you’ll find them first on Patreon on Fridays and Instagram on Sundays.

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