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Free Animal Crossing Mini Zine

One of my goals this year was to make more zines and it’s really going well. There’s been 2 so far this year and here’s a third!

free animal crossing zine

Me and my sister Nicolette have played a lot of Animal Crossing since 2002 and were very excited to start playing New Horizons. Since we’ve been in lockdown together, we made a mini zine about our towns. Welcome to Neptune & Jumbles!

free animal crossing zine

It shares our thoughts and progress in the game during the first couple of weeks of play including our favourite villagers, features and items, plus a look at our homes, island maps and favourite outfits. You can download it for free from my Payhip store.

wisp animal crossing

Hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget I’m sharing screenshots and videos from my game on Twitter @marcelineACNH. I also drew Wisp as my Little Ghost because why not.

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