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I haven’t been online much lately so here’s what I’ve been up to.

cross stitch

I’ve been very busy with Claire testing out our new cross stitch patterns. Too busy in fact as I hurt my RSI arm again and had to take a break – will I ever learn? This was my first time cross stitching in years and I still find the counting part tricky – until I realised I could paste the chart into Procreate and colour in my progress. Life changing! By the way, Claire has some great new patterns for sale, and freebies too.

I’m finding it very difficult to let go of any of my (tiny) self-employment grant but I did need more craft supplies and my money supports other small businesses. You can’t help but be inspired by all this colour! The felt and thread is from Laura Howard and the embroidery fabric from Cloud Craft. Hopefully I can start on some of my embroidery ideas soon.

noodoll tin

And continuing the craft theme, I made a Ricepear tin using Noodoll’s tutorial. I planned to use it as a new mini bin for thread scraps while stitching, but it looks very cute as thread storage. You can read more about this on Super Cute Kawaii.

Lockdown has been easing a little and my sister was able to go home, which meant splitting up the bears after 11 weeks hanging out together! I’ll continue to stay at home a lot and appreciate all your orders so much. The future is still very uncertain and shipping orders is one thing that keeps life feeling normal, plus the money is a huge help. Have a look at my shop and see what’s new.

And of course, I’ve been taking a hard look at myself and my businesses thanks to the incredible wave of Black Lives Matter protests and resources. Please help support the Black Lives Matter movement any way you can.

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