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Animal Crossing: Life On Neptune – Villager Gardens

Here’s another update about my Animal Crossing New Horizons island, Neptune.

Animal Crossing / mar-c of Neptune

When I started seriously landscaping my island, the first thing I did was give each of my villagers a garden with some kind of fence around it, and then joined them all together with paths. That soon helped me see which houses were in annoying places and move them to better ones. That’s the final layout above – all my villagers are on the lowest level but otherwise dotted around the island. I tried to give everyone a garden that suits their personality so let’s have a look!

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens

Fauna & Wade

These two houses were 2 of my first plots for sale right at the beginning of the game and I liked that they had a neighbour so they share a table in the middle. Fauna on the left is a book lover deer with cottagey decor so she has a birdbath in her side garden and Wade is a lazy messy penguin who has a line of washing including my Fuji shirt!

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Rolf ended up with a really nice big garden by sheer luck. He’s a grumpy tiger with a camping themed house so I gave him some outdoor living space, plus a nice bit of lawn to mow. He seems to really like it and hangs out there a lot.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Carmen is a peppy pop star bunny who lives on a busy path surrounded by water so I gave her a little private beach with a paddling pool and lounger to relax in.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Audie is a peppy wolf with a beach cabana house close to the beach. There’s a whole outdoor spa next door so she just has a shell table and some flowers. I don’t plan to keep Audie so this will change.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Cole is a lazy bunny who lives on a little almost-island by himself. He talks about food a lot so has an apple orchard with picnic things.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Leonardo is a sporty tiger who lives right in the centre of town next to the event plaza. He’s always off exercising so I decided he wouldn’t be bothered with a garden and just has a tree, gnome and football.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Marshal is a smug squirrel with a coffee shop house. Since he’s so fancy, he only has roses. I’ve been thinking about giving him an outdoor coffee shop across the path if Brewster doesn’t turn up soon so there’s a sign for that.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


Zell is a smug deer whose home is a fancy night time piano bar surrounded by the river. He recently replaced sporty Buck so I’m still thinking about this one – so far he has some potted plants and a bench outside.

Animal Crossing Villager Gardens


This was originally made for Cherry who had a punk rock garden with music player. But then Ankha moved in and she’s a snooty Egyptologist so I was a bit stuck on how to change it until Gulliver sent me a sphinx! Hoping to get her a more impressive chair soon so she can sit there and lord it over us peasants.

Hope that gives you some ideas for your own town, if you’re starting out with landscaping.

Animal Crossing

Dream Update

I updated my dream recently so you can come visit during a meteor shower using the code DA-6646-5783-1713. There’s lots of small changes since my video tour but nothing major. I have been doing some stuff for Halloween so will update again when that’s all looking good. You can follow me on Twitter @marcelineACNH for updates.


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