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2021 Plans & Goals

A lot of people aren’t doing new year resolutions this year, and I totally get that. After the year we’ve just had, everyone needs to take things easier. My annual plans & goals are a bit different though – a way to figure out a path for the year and choose what to focus on. So I will carry on.


My 2020 plans & goals were mostly successful, despite such an unexpected year. I read well over 52 books, did more crafts and spent less money. I would have liked to make more zines and videos than I did but 3 and 2 is still pretty respectable considering everything. My only fail was to make some business plans, unless you count successfully pivoting to cope with a pandemic, which I definitely did.

Read 52 new books

I like doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge and even though I read loads more this year, I’m sticking with 52 books. It’s a new (to me) book a week and enough room for re-reads and things that aren’t on Goodreads. I’m going to set a few more book-related challenges in another post soon.

Do more crafts

Lockdown made me very crafty and I’ve mostly managed to keep it going. This deserves another post too and I’ll share what I made last year and what I would like to work on in 2021.

Write more big stuff

I wrote so many blog posts in 2020 but never got around to a lot of the longer posts on my list. This year, I’d like to write more guides and in-depth articles for SCK, and more about my Japan trips. I have a big zine I’ve been thinking about for months too, plus my 2020 Favourites (& Lockdown Lists). I want to continue feeling confident when I say I’m a writer instead of a blogger.

Start a habit tracker

Despite a global pandemic and being furloughed from my p/t job, I feel like I’ve been busier than ever. That’s not great as I will hopefully go back to my full p/t hours this year and already don’t always have the time or energy to go outside every day. I’ve been intrigued by author VE Schwab’s habit tracker and I’m going to try something similar with all my work and personal responsibilities and things I want to make more time for. I like the idea that it doesn’t make you feel guilty if you don’t do everything every day, but helps you see how you spend your days and what you need to prioritise more. I already started this and will report back if I keep it up.

Edit the family photos

My dad spent a lot of time scanning in old family photos and now they need to be edited so they can be shared and printed. This is a pretty big task but if I set aside half an hour a week, it should get done.

Go back to Tumblr

And a fun one! I’ve been completely disillusioned by Instagram this past year and no longer enjoy using it, though I continue to try. I stopped posting regularly on Tumblr a couple of years ago but still check in every few days and everyone left over there is having such a great time doing whatever the hell they like. It’s still a really great concept (you can share a mix of text, images, video etc. – and reposts), there’s no pushy algorithms and the ads are hilariously irrelevant. It’s a space for yourself and you can’t really be big on Tumblr any more. I’m doing this one just for me but if you want to follow me, I post at marceline and marceline-lists.


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