My Kawaii Dollhouse Bedroom

I’ve been making a miniature dollhouse kit and customising it with my own designs and ideas so let’s have a look.

kawaii dollhouse kit

It looks quite realistic at first glance. I was going for a Super Cute Kawaii bedroom office theme so there’s lots of pastel colours, kawaii books (including mine!) and the SCK animal mascots.

kawaii dollhouse kit

I think the bed and book box are my favourites. The fabrics are the perfect size (from my small scale prints at Spoonflower) and those tiny books and games make it extra kawaii. That was supposed to be a window box full of flowers and plants but I hated making them so I came up with my own plan. The Neko Atsume cat and Sumikko Gurashi Re-Ment rug fit so well too.

kawaii dollhouse kit

I also used my own designs fro the wallpaper, wall art and laptop screen. This kit took me a couple of weeks to finish as there’s a lot of small things to make (like 20 tiny rolls of washi tape!) and I didn’t want to rush it too much.

dollhouse kit

This is what it was supposed to look like so you can see I made a lot of changes. I’m never very good at following instructions or recipes exactly – I always think I have a better or easier idea, hence my business name!

kawaii dollhouse kit

I’ve written a couple of longer posts about this at Super Cute Kawaii – Getting Started With Dollhouse Miniatures & Kits and Cute Customisation Ideas For Dollhouse Kits. That includes lots more information on how I changed everything, plus where to buy kits and miniatures.

I’ve also made a free printable with a few options for The Super Cute Book of Kawaii and SCK website, and a paid set that also adds character posters, rugs, wallpaper patterns and more. Hope you’ll try them!

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