Drawing For Fun

Drawing For Fun #2

Here’s some more drawings I did entirely for fun that I probably won’t use for anything. You can read part one here.

Rilakkuma bento

I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and writing recently and hadn’t been picking up my iPad but the other day I felt a strong need to draw these Rilakkuma bento plushies. They aren’t particularly tiny in real life but I was already part way through the drawing when I realised how small I was drawing them. It’s an interesting challenge as the pencil tool only goes so small. I like how these turned out, and it has stopped me desperately wanting to own the real things.

Terrarium Ghost

Adobe Sketch is still my favourite drawing app as it’s so simple you can’t get overwhelmed. They’re no longer updating it though so I downloaded the replacement Adobe Fresco and re-coloured my Terrarium Ghost to try out some of the brushes and things. It’s okay but lacks both my favourite Sketch features and the best Procreate features without really adding anything better. I’ll still keep it around but it’s definitely my third choice.

Terrarium Ghost

The colours I used were very likely inspired by all the painting videos Deth P. Sun has been sharing so I had to try one in black too. It was very different from my usual style and way of working, but really fun to change things up.

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