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Recent Favourites #7

I started these posts on Patreon and will be continuing them here on the blog, every month or so. It has a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and what I’m watching. I also just published all the previous posts back on their original post dates – you can catch up here.

wish list

Wish List

  • This tote bag isn’t a very useful size but that little fuzzy Rilakkuma saying ‘I will help you’ makes me want it desperately. Luckily it’s sold out now.
  • I love all the new soft toys by Pango Productions. I think the big star pillow is my favourite.
  • I want a lot of things by Helen Bucher but especially the Pikachus.
  • Heart attack bunny is too cute!

Links I Loved

  • I was so sad to hear that Kira of KiraKira Doodles passed away recently and the #forKiraKira hashtag just shows how loved she was in the kawaii community.
  • Updating the SCK archives made me rediscover Nozi Noziko, whose work I first saw at Design Festa. I love all the new stuff, especially the ghost and tapir figures.
  • It’s already time for the annual San-X special Halloween plush pre-order. Rilakkuma’s candy theme is cute but the Sumikko Gurashi ghost ship is amazing. Sumikko Gurashi also have some incredible new craft kits with Epoch.
  • I forgot how much I love bargello tapestry and must try Wild Olive’s rainbow pattern.
  • These new Studio Ghibli plates are such a cute reminder of how important food is in all these movies.
  • My return to Tumblr has been so enjoyable and it was nice to be reunited with So Super Awesome, a blog of awesome art and crafts. They do post (and repost) A LOT though.
  • Interesting and in depth look at How much do authors make per book at Book Riot.
  • BONUS! A massive page of links to cute, fun and interesting things around the web that I shared on Patreon from 2018-2020

Into It!

TV has been a bit boring lately but there’s been some good Bake Off style contests. All That Glitters (jewellery), was really interesting with properly talented experienced contestants and sensible judges. Sewing Bee has also been a lot of fun despite some questionable judging decisions and I’m liking the new Great British Photography Challenge show with Rankin, which has a smaller group and no one leaving each week. I also got around to watching one of the live Perfume shows on Netflix and it was super cool. Still gutted I juuust missed out on seeing them in Japan back in 2016.


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