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Home Improvements

I made a few changes to my home last week and remembered to take some before and after photos so let’s have a look at my refreshed hallway, studio and more.


hallway - after

I’ll start with my favourite change – in my hallway. I’ve been planning this for a few months but was also inspired later by Kaila’s entryway makeover to make this a more organised area for when I leave/enter my home. This IKEA Kallax unit was originally in my studio but fits great here and I added a door and shelves recently for more storage.

hallway - before

This is what the hallway looked like before. It was fine until I realised how I am always having to stoop down to pick up my keys etc., plus there’s no need to have my (useless) landline phone and broadband router on display picking up dust – especially since the light on the router is so ridiculously bright I have to block it. (if you are interested in my flat layout that is the kitchen + studio on the left and bathroom + front door on the right. Behind me is the living room and bedroom)


In KonMari style I collected all my leaving the house stuff to arrange here – on the top are face masks and sanitiser, the lower shelf has a box of eco bags and battery packs and the cupboard holds my main daily bag and umbrella. I was especially pleased with my idea to add some hooks on the side for my backpack and hats! They’re just attached with Command strips. My coats, winter accessories and other bags are nearby in a cupboard so it’s now really easy to pick up everything I need and not forget anything. I’m sure I will add a few more cute touches once I can go shopping in person properly again.


studio - before

Here’s where that Kallax unit was previously, in my studio. It was the perfect size but the square shelves were too small for my printers so they were all stacked on top (where the bright sun would dry up my inkjet printer ink) and my pink Cameo paper cutting machine was stuck on a box on the floor. I bought a Billy bookcase from IKEA but it was damaged in transit so after failing to get hold of anyone to return it, I asked my dad to cut off the damaged part for a smaller bookshelf.

studio - after

So much better! Now the sofa blocks all the sunlight and I no longer need to sit on the floor to use my Cameo. I could really do with the missing extra shelf so I will likely replace this eventually but it’s fine for now. If you are wondering why I need 3 printers, they are (top to bottom): thermal printer for Royal Mail postage labels (free labels and no ink!), b/w laser printer for most jobs, colour inkjet printer/scanner.



Since my studio bookshelf was smaller, I had a shelf left over and I managed to squeeze it into my bedroom bookshelf. This is why it does sometimes pay to have a lot of IKEA furniture! It’s very tight but just enough room to add all my manga books that were previously hidden behind other books with a little space left for more books. The cute pattern on the shelves is washi tape by Rainbowholic and my impressive collection of Pusheen Box vinyl figures were kindly gifted for SCK reviews.


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