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Redbubble Desk Mat Review

Redbubble recently added desk mats to their product range and I knew it would be the perfect thing for my studio so here’s a little review with photos.

Redbubble Desk Mat Review

I decided on my Snail Mail design as I mostly use my desk for packing orders, and it arrived in 10 days, right on schedule. It was rolled up in a large cardboard tube without a lot of additional packaging and looked great.

Redbubble Desk Mat Review

It’s just the right size for my small IKEA desk and fills most of the space with plenty room to spread out whatever I’m working on. It also hides the scratched and ink-marked white surface below and makes everything much more cute and colourful. You can see the right edge is lifting a little bit from being rolled up but that has now flattened out.

Redbubble Desk Mat Review

The surface is similar to the soft kind of mouse pad and feels really nice to the touch with a little bit of cushioning. The reverse is non-slip rubber and it does stay put without moving around. The print quality is surprisingly good, considering all the small details – it has lightened the colours a bit though, so from a distance the grey lines do start to disappear.

Redbubble Desk Mat Review

I hoped it might be a good surface for stamping too and it has just the right amount of cushioning to get all the details off your stamp cleanly. Usually, I mess up a few prints per batch but this time I did about 20 and they were all perfect. If you do a lot of stamping, I really recommend this. It’s also great for packaging pins as you can push the pin right through the card without any visible holes appearing in the desk mat.

Redbubble Desk Mat Review

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and, while it isn’t life-changing, it has made things a little easier, and a lot cuter! I am being careful not to get any ink or glue on it, or to use a knife without a cutting mat, but it can easily be rolled up and moved if I’m doing something messier. I’m really happy with it.

mouse mats & desk pads

Desk Mats & Mouse Pads are available now in my Redbubble store with loads of my characters and patterns. Desk Mats cost around £36, while mouse pads are around £16. Shipping costs to the UK were very low and it arrived with a Royal Mail shipping label so no customs fees to pay. Redbubble can ship some products from local printers worldwide so it’s a great option for non-US buyers.

If you’d like one too, Redbubble’s Black Friday offers have already started on some items and there will be plenty more discounts over the next week – keep checking!


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