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2022 Habit Tracker

After using a habit tracker throughout 2021, I’ve started a new one for 2022.

Habit Tracker

I successfully managed to complete the whole year and felt like it was a useful experience. The habit tracker format I use is inspired by author VE Schwab and you can read all about it in my original blog post. I’m not aiming to fill out all the boxes every day (as that would be impossible!) but to see patterns and what’s taking up too much time or getting neglected.

Habit Tracker

I’ve made a few small changes for 2022. I’ve arranged them in groups (work, fun & personal), rather than alphabetically. I merged go outside and Ring Fit into exercise and changed home chores into life admin so they’re a bit more general. And I removed reading as I only missed 2 days in the whole of 2021!

Habit Tracker

I also picked a new colour of pen. January is now complete and the new layout is working well, though I wish I’d put Asking For Trouble & SCK at the bottom so it would look more like Tetris. It was a busy month and I did a lot of cooking with my brand new oven! And look at me taking 2 days off (with a tiny bit of work).

I definitely recommend this if you also juggle a lot of jobs and tasks. I often feel like I’m falling behind but spending a few moments every night thinking back on my day and colouring in boxes really helps me focus more on what I’m getting done.


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