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I haven’t done one of these since September – except for my Christmas presents – so even though I haven’t been doing that much shopping, I have a lot of cute buys and gifts to catch up on.

happy daya stickers

Let’s go all the way back to Halloween! I had these Happy Daya stickers on my wish list and was able to get them as part of the Ultimate Planner Sale. This event happens seasonally and lots of cute sticker makers have amazing discounts and gifts over a weekend.

happy daya stickers

And I do mean amazing as most of these mini sticker sheets were free gifts! They’re all so adorable and I can never bear to use them.

mugobunni stationery

I also picked up a few things from Mugobunni as I couldn’t resist all the bunnies and ghosts. The washi tape is only 8mm wide so extra tiny and cute.

kawaii washi tape

Here’s a closer look, along with some other recent additions to my washi tape collection. The top 3 are a standard washi tape size for comparison.

fujibee teddy plush

The bunny washi tape is from FUJIBEE and came with my new friend Teddy! This plush has been on my Etsy wish list for over a year and no one bought it for me. I heard that the design is changing soon and I really wanted this fluffy version so I got him myself. I wish you could reach through the screen and feel how soft he is!

peach pink art stickers

On to Christmas and some very sparkly stickers from Peach Pink Art, a South Korean illustrator here in the UK. Sadly that means it’s going to be hard to resist buying lots more of these stickers! They are very affordable though.

tiny plant stickers

I think this was the final Plant Mail from tiny plant (or maybe there’s one more?). I’ll really miss them, but space and bunnies is perfect for me. I need to find a spot for the rocket so I can enjoy it regularly.

korilakkuma ring grip

It was time to upgrade my phone and it has a space and bunnies theme too. The case is by Carly Watts at Redbubble and I found this perfect ring grip at San-X.

sumikko gurashi plush

While I was there, I couldn’t resist these Sumikko Gurashi dessert plushies. They’re just too cute. I shared them on SCK with some shopping links if you want to try and grab one.

i like cats t-shirt

Space and cats is also good and I felt like I needed this limited edition t-shirt from I Like Cats. It’s so comfy and a little bit stretchy for a nice fit so I’m very glad I got one. The sad stars are my favourite bit. Toby has promised new designs this year so I recommend looking out for that.

fuku fuku nyanko happy box

After deciding not to buy the Fuku Fuku Nyanko Happy Box I changed my mind and placed my first order with HAPiNS. It all went really well and I love all the contents. I’m definitely going back soon for a birthday treat. If you want to see what’s inside, head over to Super Cute Kawaii, where I also have some tips if you want to buy something.

pusheen box

I’ve also been gifted a few things to review at SCK. I have been wearing the Boosheen jumper here pretty much constantly this winter. It’s becoming a regular struggle to find a day to put it in the express wash cycle and on the radiator ready to wear again ASAP.

Hopefully I won’t leave it so long until next time, especially since it’s my birthday at the end of March.

And a little serious note: one of the reasons I do these posts is to take photos for when I leave Etsy reviews. Etsy now class anything less than 5 stars as a negative review so do be nice and help out sellers you love – and spread the word to other Etsy shoppers.


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