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Posts about my home and decorations.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Around My House

    I’ve been adding a few things to my home so here’s a little tour. My plush collection is getting a little out of hand, but I bought this adorable little picket fence…

  • Crafts, Home Sweet Home

    Sewing Storage

    You may remember I have a nook in my living room that is probably meant for a dining table (mine is in the bay window instead) but in the year I’ve lived…

  • Home Sweet Home

    Christmas Decorations

    I started putting my Christmas decorations up pretty early because I was really excited and also I love how cosy it makes everything look at night. I’ve been so busy with work though, that…

  • Home Sweet Home

    Jewellery Display Board

    Look at all my necklaces up on display! I had a brainwave at the weekend and put this together in about ten minutes. I’m still pretty impressed with myself. The wall above…

  • Crafts, Home Sweet Home

    Project Window Seat

    You may remember this photo from my last post about hanging pictures. Moving those pictures left my window area really empty and I was thinking of making a window seat to fit there.…

  • Crafts, Home Sweet Home

    Tiny Frames

    I bought these tiny 3″ frames in IKEA* a few weeks ago, because CUTE and also £1.50. I had no idea what to put in them, so I had a trawl through…

  • Home Sweet Home, Shopping

    I Still Love Maps

    I mentioned previously that my ginormous bedroom is hilariously empty. This is the view from my bed in weird panorama format. I didn’t even need to tidy up because there is never…

  • Home Sweet Home

    Pictures on my Wall

    Since my dad was visiting recently, I took advantage and made him help me hang up some of my pictures. It makes such a difference! The above wall in my studio is…